Chapter 85
Welcome to the homepage of Chapter 85 of the Receational Aircraft Association!  We are a group of pilots, homebuilders, and aviation enthusiasts.  Our official mandate is to support the advancement of safe, fun, and economical flying in our community and beyond.

 Rentals and Bookings


The Clubhouse can be reserved by members and others for special events. Rental charges may apply. This section lists both periodic and calendared events to ensure there are no conflicts. If an event is marked "Private," those not invited are asked to avoid use of the Clubhouse until the event is over.
    • First Tuesday every month: RAAC Chapter 85 General Meeting, starting at 1930. Visitors are welcome.
    • Third Tuesday every month: RAAC Chapter 85 Executive Meeting, starting at 1930.
    • First Monday every month: Vancouver Aerobatic Club Meeting, starting at 1930.
    • Last Thursday every month: DapCom Meeting, starting 1930.
    • First Saturday every month: BC Pilots Association Pilot Seminars, starting at 0930.

    • Private. Sat 1 June 2019. Jim Stunden booking, from 1200 onward.

Engine Shop

Chapter 85 has a general repair shop located inside the hangar. It is equipped with an assortment of tools, parts and materials (see list below) and is available at all times to all members. No booking is necessary. The lock may be opened with a clubhouse key.


Chapter 85 also has a 30' x 30' (approximate) workshop, fully lockable, equipped with air supply and fans. Its purpose is primarily to provide a place for a member to bring his or her constructed or restored aircraft for final assembly and finishing. When not used for this purpose a member or non-member may rent the workshop for up to 30 days to conduct annual maintenance inspections or other major repairs (aircraft component repairs should be done in the Engine Shop which is available free to all members). Workshop rates are $10/day for members, $20/day for non-members. Furnace gas is extra. Renters must sign a Rental Agreement and a Liability Release.
    • The Workshop has been booked fulltime for the Zenith CH750 Cruzer Project for the past two years or so. Some of the large tables remain but the Cruzer is now complete and has been moved out to a hangar bay. The workshop is now available for new bookings.

    • 1 March - 1 April 2019: Pober Pixie and Peter Murphy's wings in Workshop.


Chapter 85 has a few specialized tools available for members' use. They are tools not often needed (and expensive to purchase) and are provided as a benefit to members. There is no time limit on borrowing the tools but this website will track who has the tools and when they obtained them. When you want to return them to the Chapter, please let the Custodian know. Or, you can pass the tools on directly to the next person looking for them, but again please advise the Custodian.
    • RAAC National Weighing Scales (set of 3 with two ramps) with Instructions. Stored at clubhouse.
    • Boroscope: 9 July 2012 - Stored at RAA Clubhouse.
    • Magneto Timing Light: 9 Jan 2012 - In RAA Engine Shop.
    • Nicopress Tool: 31 July 2012 - In RAA Engine Shop.
    • Cylinder compression leakdown tester: 31 July 2012 - In RAA Engine Shop.
    • 36-inch bending brake: 20 Oct 2012 - in RAA Engine Shop.

The Chapter also has a Special Tool Inventory listing many more tools available for use by members.

Aircraft Trailer

Chapter 85 has a trailer suitable for transporting amateurbuilt and 2-4 place certified aircraft. The tailights and licence plate are mounted on a removable bar which must be attached before use. Users must carry the registration and insurance papers for the trailer when towing it. The paperwork is kept in the Air Park Office at Mary's Place. The trailer is available free to all RAA members. Contact the Custodian before taking the trailer or for more information.

Booking Procedure

Contact the Chapter Custodian to book the Clubhouse, Workshop, Tools or Trailer or to obtain more information.

Updated: 14 May 2019.